Fiction & Poetry

5. “The Outing” The Molotov Cocktail, April 2018
On account of the outing, they woke early.

4. “a state incompatible with life” Literary Mama, October 2015
you are flat
I didn’t expect paper-thin

3. “Twice Buried” Literary Mama, October 2015
Our mother never had you.

2. “Baby Barbecue” Frontier Psychiatrist, September 2012
To My Ex-Best Friend: Thank you for the invitation to your Baby Barbecue. The invite (not to mention the title) surprised me. Never would I have expected to be included. 

1. “Shower Talk” Frontier Psychiatrist, December 2010
“Have you ever wanted to pick up a totally random hobby?” she asked. “Yeah,” he said. “Calligraphy.” She didn’t think it was random enough. She assumed he didn’t understand the word random, which means without aim. Without reason.