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New Print Publication: Selected Memories

January 18, 2017

CNF readers and writers, Hippocampus Magazine is launching a books division! Its first title is Selected Memories, an anthology of 33 pieces from the magazine’s first five years. Edited by the seemingly inexhaustible Donna Talarico, Selected Memories is due out in a few weeks. Order a copy here. My essay “Another Version of Us” is included.


I’ll be reading at Hippocampus’s AWP event on Friday evening, February 10, 2017, at the Capitol Yacht Club in DC, along with Amy Braziller, Jennifer Alise Drew, Sandra Gail Lambert, and Deborah Esther Schifter. You can register to attend this free event here. Doors open at 7:30.

This will be my second time at AWP, the first being six years ago, also in DC. With little kids and big responsibilities, getting away for a professional conference is a luxury. Thank you to my three sisters who made my trip to DC possible. For my recent milestone birthday, they pooled their resources to buy me the AWP conference entry fee as well as a handsome reading-night dress. It’s black and white with this cool cobalt trim. An especially fitting gift, as “Another Version of Us” begins with a dress…

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  1. Oh fabulous, and congrats!


  2. jnelson30second permalink

    I’m so glad you’re going to be reading at AWP. I plan to come down to Washington sometime on Friday, and go to workshops on Saturday. I hope I see you there.


  3. Crap, I need to register to go to the reading?? Somehow I missed that before. Anyway, CONGRATS and I just ordered my copy!


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