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New Online Publication: Hippocampus Remember in November Contest

November 2, 2014

One of my favorite literary publications, Hippocampus Magazine, named my essay “Another Version of Us” as a finalist in this year’s Remember in November Contest! As a venue dedicated to memory, Hippocampus publishes memoir and memorable essays along with craft, reviews, and interviews on/about the creative nonfiction genre. As a person without childhood memory, I’m indebted to Hippocampus for publishing work that reveals unmemory as much as it relies on memory. I’m also celebrating Jennifer Alise Drew and her captivating winning piece “Lessons in Sign.” It’s a beautiful take on speaking and the unspoken, wanting and not wanting to know the future. As I type this, my own little boy, who is also not deaf, signs “more” (tap all fingertips together) because he wants me to sing the taxi song. And so it goes, and so I go.

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  1. Lovely, Suzanne, so pleased for you. I read your stunning piece and commented at Hippocampus. Here I’ll add that I remember a previous version of this piece and I love seeing your process “in action” so to speak–I see how you polished what I saw (which was already wonderful) and brought out an additional layer of shine. Bravo.


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