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New Online Publications: The Citron Review and The Monarch Review

September 6, 2013

A short but significant excerpt from my manuscript appears in the Fall 2013 issue of The Citron Review, live today. Citron is a marvelous journal for short pieces (no more than one thousand words for prose). It’s run by Antioch MFA alumni—as a VCFA alum, I have great affinity for the other low-residency MFA programs and their alumni.

Back in August, my piece on finding myself locked in a tent-room in Botswana one March morning appeared in The Monarch Review, which caught my admiring eye for its celebration of the “vibrant and vagabond.”

Happily buzzing on caffeine and literature this September morning, the first that feels somewhat autumnal in NYC.

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  1. Hey, my work is in the latest Citron Review issue too! And the more I read of our colleagues’ work, the more honored I am to be included. Congrats. 🙂

    Funny coincidence: I TOO attended the KRWW in Gambier. Wasn’t it a lovely little town? And a great workshop, of course.

    Another coincidence: I recently went to Botswana! Hopping over to read your piece now.


    • Thank you for sharing all these coincidences! Yes, Gambier is lovely and I miss it and still consider my time there critical to my writing life. Yes, I too am so honored to be in Citron. I love reading short pieces, and Citron collects so many exceptional ones! And finally, if I could visit Botswana each year, I would. We treasured each minute there, even the trapped ones, the uncomfortable ones, the unsure ones. So nice to meet you here!


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