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Hell and Apples

January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

One of the first things to happen to me this new year is thumb arthritis. Tendonitis? I don’t know. I never do. Most of my joints have acted up, looking for attention, at some point. This is a first… double thumb pain. The good news: less writing time means more reading time, and I’ve cracked the Ploughshares Fall 2012 all-nonfiction issue edited by Patricia Hampl. Not only is it marvelous reading, it is marvelous READ-ALOUD reading—a dear friend reminded me that S., only six months old, just wants to hear my voice, no matter what I’m reading. So S. and I are on the fifth essay, though I admit the first one,  Charles Baxter’s “What Happens in Hell,” tugged my “is this ok?” string.

Have another bite of apples, S. I just pureed them in the machine Daddy gave me for Christmas. / “And every day the new skin is burned off.” He said this sentence with a certain degree of excitement. / Oh! That’s a new sound! You’re blowing bubbles into your apples. / “It is very painful as you can imagine.” / Yes, I think it’s hilarious too. Happily eating apples. We’ll call this Happily Apply time. / “And the pain is always fresh pain.”

Here’s to apples, hell, and the lucky number ’13.

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  1. I enjoyed your essay, Genetic Tribe of One, in Anderbo — that’s how I wound up here. Thumb arthritis sounds so lame unless you have it. I do, so I understand! Ridiculously painful. Between that and nearly cutting off my left index finger with a steak knife while trying to separate two frozen biscuits, I (necessarily) have become best friends with Dragon Naturally Speaking. I wasn’t sure I could get comfortable with it or how accurate it would be, but I’m finding now I can use it even for first drafts (stand up, pace around, sit cross-legged in my desk chair, etc. all while talking into the Bluetooth ear piece and microphone).


    • Thanks for visiting, Beth! I didn’t recognize just how much I relied on my thumbs until they hurt. Pulling on pants, ugh. Changing the direction of the showerhead? Forget it. That index finger accident sounds dreadful, by the way. I hadn’t heard of Dragon Naturally Speaking before, but as a Year of the Dragon baby who HAS a Year of the Dragon baby, I’m sold just on the name. Often, when a sentence or paragraph is confusing and I explain what I mean to my husband, he says I should write it the way I just said it. Trouble is, it’s already gone. Great idea, this software!


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