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From Behind the Desk

May 11, 2012

In the ten weeks since I posted last, I’ve been busy. Teaching and editing mostly, some writing in between. In spare moments, whether minutes or hours, J&I have been emptying our home office of its officeyness and stuffing the room with boxes and bags of nursery items, just fragments until we have time to wash, organize, and store. We did assemble one crucial part of the nursery: the bookshelves, first to go up. But of course! At long last, my collection—which ranges from Good Night, Blue to First Book of Sushi to Everyone Poops—has moved into its new home.

As I took my desk apart piece by piece—each drawer, the hutch top, the long-hanging pinboard—I recovered bits that had fallen (been swiped off by cats). Here’s one that I had to share. I think my mother sent it to me when I first started submitting my book manuscript. From Dave Coverly, likely printed in Parade. J’adore! And je n’aime pas. But mostly j’adore!

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