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I Want to be Remembered

July 29, 2011

In a slow but steady return to teaching, I’m having fun digging through my old files. Unearthed today in the literacy folder, this list (formatted in fancy font for our bulletin board) of ways that my second-grade boys finished the sentence, “I want to be remembered…”

I want to be remembered …

For not making any mistakes in my first piano recital.

For my artwork. 

For helping my team win the Cup. 

For being a messy tie boy. 

For all the goals I blocked at Field Day. 

For making it to the silver badge in France.

For being able to hit a baseball really far. 

For helping the poor every day. 

For my drawings.

For giving someone on the street $5. 

For sitting on the puck from an opponent and helping win the game in hockey. 

For saving my team when we were losing.

For getting all the math challenges right in the Math Olympics. 

For being a great swimmer.

For helping to keep peace.

For being kind and playing with my classmates. 

Funny, I remember each and every one of them, now in eighth grade, for these things (among a kabillion others). I remember the academic successes, sports triumphs. I remember very very well the kindness and the pride in the arts. And I remember that tie. That ice-cream-dipped, glue-smeared, always-open tie worn by a boy utterly enamored with the world.

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  1. Dancing like Fred Astaire would be terrific at any age! But the fact that he was in second grade when he opted for that, what joy! I love it.


  2. My kids’ second grade teacher had them do something similar by finishing the sentence: “I’m terrific because…” and drawing a picture to go along with it.

    My daughter’s is lost, and I don’t remember what my youngest did for some reason, but my older son drew a kid dancing with his feet off the ground and the caption was, “I’m terrific because I can tap dance like Fred Astaire!” A nice memory.


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