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Hunger Mountain

June 9, 2011

I’m lucky enough to read for the delightful Hunger Mountain, the arts journal housed and nurtured by my beloved Vermont College of Fine Arts. This week, I am extralucky, because Hunger Mountain asked me to contribute to the blog Another Loose Sally. If you’re wondering what a loose sally is, or if you’re curious about what quartz has to do with reading for a literary journal, click here!

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  1. Cheryl permalink

    I left a post on the Hunger Mountain site, but wanted to comment here (because I am trying to get better at commenting; I read more than I comment)

    I love shape and boundaries and space and dynamic movement and how all of that speaks to the mysterious story the words are trying to reveal. A quote by architectural writer Heinrich Engel explains why it’s difficult for architects’a to address space, and it translates to the “shape” you are addressing in the article: “the architect’s inability to think and to act with a direct focus on space is not so much a matter of inadequate training, but the result of a lack of words that stand for concepts that constitute the essence of space.” How do we speak of, or define, that which is empty, but where all the fullness occurs? (So very zen I know, yet so close to nonsensical too)


    • This could be our lifelong conversation (one among many). I found myself nervous to contain my thoughts about space in words, worrying I’d be imposing limitations on those thoughts. Then I hoped by choosing at least a few words, I might be creating links to thoughts of others (like you!) on space. The words become this culvert between our imaginations. Though I love words, sometimes I wish we could communicate in a more startrekky way, so that we wouldn’t always have to choose words for “that which is empty, but where all the fullness occurs.” So very zen indeed!


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