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Christmas Lists

December 27, 2010

J and I have returned from a few days in Florida with his family. To pass the time, we made a number of lists: locations of Christmas celebrations; gifts given and received over the years; best and worst holidays moments. My lists only go so far back, for even though I do actually remember Christmas at twelve years old and beyond, my sharper memories, the ones I can feel with my fingertips in full relief, don’t start until many years later. But the exercise got me interested in hunting the archives with new organizational frames in mind. Matching outfits by year. Best gift each year. Presents from Babci and Dziadziu, our grandparents.

Pictured below must be Christmas 1977, because I think I look about a year old. Maybe it’s 1978 and I’m two. Regardless, I don’t have the same life-sized doll that my sisters carry, though I’m sure my grandparents gave me one. Love the density of ornaments at little girl height. And wow, do I look exactly like one of those dolls. The hair, the round face, the footed tights, the befuddlement. We all look a bit like those dolls. Except, if I’m correct, they’re the kind of dolls that close their eyes when laid flat; I still keep my eyes open at bedtime.

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