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Traumatic Memory

November 17, 2010

On my other blog, Cat Fidelity, I started writing about the time I panicked about a black spot on Tiko’s pad. By the end of the post, I was writing about traumatic memory. I’ve read a great deal about traumatic memory, out of general interest but also out of a desire to understand my own memories. That black spot, though… it all makes sense to me. The closing in, the fading away, the sharp focus on one tiny detail–a sound, an odor, a single black spot.

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  1. Suzanne permalink

    I totally agree! To further the intensity, I’ve read about the way we remember trauma, and I experience it every time I think back to the day my father died, and to our house fire. But in writing about the spot, I connected with what might have been happening the moment those memories were encoded, rather than how the memories are played back some quarter of a century later. It was a remarkable trip backwards…


  2. It’s intense when something small can send you whirling back in time and connect you to something else, whether that other thing is good or bad.


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