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Happy Birthday, Daddy

November 2, 2010

My sisters and I always call my mother on November 2nd. Today, she asked me if I remembered the cakes we made for Daddy. “I gave you each a can of frosting and you decorated with lots and lots of sprinkles. Daddy always acted so surprised!” When I told her that no, unfortunately, I don’t remember, Mom said, “Maybe you will one day. Maybe you’ll open a can of frosting in twenty years and think, AH, I remember making those cakes.” Here’s to hoping. Whether that happens or not, I’m satisfied to know that cakes were frosted, fathers were surprised, birthdays were celebrated. Last year on Thanksgiving I got to watch my nieces and nephew present their cake to their father, my brother-in-law and another November birthday. And that moment — so much blue! so many sprinkles! such a surprised Daddy! — I will never forget!

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  1. Jill permalink

    How lovely, Suzanne. And what a great pic!


  2. So interesting, TJ! And don’t be embarrassed. There are some photos of him on the wall in the basement, but many photos we had of him were ruined in the fire, and others were water-damaged and stored in boxes. Only about two years ago did we haul the boxes out of storage and start scanning them to share. 🙂


  3. TJ Sullivan permalink

    I am embarrassed to say, on the topic of memories, this is the first picture I can remember seeing of your dad. All the times I have been to your mom’s house
    I do not have a recollection of seeing a picture of him.


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