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Suzanne Farrell Smith is a writer, editor, and teacher. The youngest of four daughters, she was born in Connecticut to a seamstress mother and engineer father. She graduated from Trinity College in Hartford and moved to New York City, where she taught elementary school.  She spent summers, holiday breaks, and after-school hours working with students in under-performing schools, students in rural Costa Rica, and students in crisis. With an MA from The New School for Social Research and an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts, she now teaches writing workshops and literacy education courses, and has worked for several publications. Suzanne’s writing explores memory, trauma, education, parenthood, and the writing life, and has been published in numerous literary and scholarly journals. After sixteen years in New York, she moved back to Connecticut, where she lives in a creek-cut valley with her husband and three sons.

At the heart of my writing is the belief that the world is kinder when we tell each other our stories. At the heart of my writing life is the belief that because I write, because I always have a piece in progress waiting for me, I never feel totally alone.

Suzanne can be reached by email: suzfarrellsmith[at]gmail.com
You can also find her on FacebookInstagram, and Goodreads.